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These are exciting – and yes, rather intimidating days!  My career has been as an engineer and administrator — in the military and then county government! Now I have written a book – and my new journey involves helping others in their quest for intimacy with God – and Spiritual Formation!

In my own journey the Lord is teaching me that there is joy in the journey. My usual orientation has been finding joy in a good destination; a completed task or project.  Yet, Jesus wants me to find joy in the moment-by-moment interactions with him as we walk through each day in a yoked relationship (Matthew 11:28-30).

When I was dating my wife Adele over thirty years ago, I wanted to know if this was going to lead to marriage. Jesus said, “Get behind Me and follow and you shall see.”  I grew in my relationship with Jesus as I walked in humble dependence on him on a daily basis. I was also grateful that the destination was marriage.

When I was on an extended retreat just before graduation from seminary a couple of years ago, I wanted to clearly see the destination regarding my future. Jesus refused to give it to me, but instead said through Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust Me that I will lead you safely step-by-step into your future.” So far he has led me in paths that I never dreamed possible.

Today, I am facing a couple of journeys (my book, this web-site and new ministry) into the unknown that are tempting me to want to find my joy in the destination; will the book sell?  Will others see my material as helpful?  Again, Jesus is saying for me to find my joy in the daily journey with Him.

I was comforted about His ways a few months ago as I meditated on Psalm 23:6. The message he gave to me through that verse was that surely the destination will be good because he is leading the way.

Trusting God to lead you does make sense – even though you and I often question what is happening along the way.  In any journey we stop and look at various attractions, ignore a needed rest stop to our peril, or run out of gas looking for a better price!

JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT MINISTRIES is here to join you on your journey. My new book EXPERIENCING GOD’S TRANSFORMING LOVE is available now at Amazon/Kindle e-Books for just $5.99.

Rich Kehoe

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